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What Trainees, Trainers and Delegates have said about Adam

It is always lovely to receive some affirmation for what we do. To get this whilst doing something I love, is an absolute privilege. Here are just a few short examples of the comments left on my feedback reports.

"That wasn't training. It was an experience from start to finish. Absolutely loved it. Thank you!!"

"Before the training I was scared about dealing with the most challenging behaviours in the classroom. Adam made me realise that I am not alone and his strategies and ideas will definitely be used during my practice. I never thought I would laugh during behaviour management training"

"Adam put on a performance that made you want to sit up and listen"

"Finding good quality behaviour management training is very hard. Adam immediately engaged with the students and had them hanging on his every word by about the 5th minute!! Will be using Adam for all our Behaviour and Mental Health training from now on"

"Adam made me realise that I am doing things well and gave me confidence in myself and my abilities"

"Who better to talk about mental health than someone who has been there, lived it and done it!? Brilliant!!"

"More please"

And my personal favourite....

"Give that man an Oscar!!"