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Parkes Tutoring

Bespoke and Exclusive Tutoring and Mentoring for Young People


Bespoke and specialist, private tutoring from a successful, Secondary Headteacher (NPQH) and Pearson National Teaching Award Winner (2015). With four consecutive Outstanding OfSTED Inspections and 20 years' experience, this is certainly not 'bog standard' tutoring that is being offered. 

Parkes Tutoring is offering exclusive tutoring packages for students of all ages, abilities and subjects, specialising in the following subjects:

KS2, KS3 and GCSE: All subjects

A Level: History, Geography, RE, English and Humanities

Degree: History and Humanities

Post-Graduate: Education

However; we also offer far more specialised services as well;

As a specialist in Behavioural and Emotional difficulties, Parkes Tutoring also offers Mentoring, Social and Emotional Support AND will work with young people and families that are experiencing issues in these areas. Being fully aware of the pressures that are sometimes placed on families by schools, Parkes Tutoring can be an advisor and advocate for those that feel they have nowhere to turn, no one to listen and no way to get the right support or advice. After 20 years at the forefront of inclusive education, SEN support and family based interventions, contacting Parkes Tutoring could be that 'changing of the tide' that you have sought for so long. 

As the founder of the much publicised Mental Health Organisation,, you are able to research and see for yourself, the extent to which support, inclusion and fighting stigma, sits at the very heart of all we want to achieve. If Parkes Tutoring is able to support you in any way or, if you just want to reach out, do not hesitate to contact us.

There are many tutors out there and the majority will undoubtedly offer their services for considerably less than Parkes Tutoring. Of this I am absolutely sure and have no qualms in admitting. However, as a firm believer in giving people what they actually pay for; only Parkes Tutoring offers the services of an Outstanding Headteacher, Pearson Award winner, Mental Health Ambassador and CEO with a track record in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Education that has earned plaudits and praise from thousands of students, parents/carers, colleagues, schools, Local Authorities, Parliament and Ministers. 

This is what sets Parkes Tutoring apart from the rest and why, without a doubt, we offer a service that simply cannot be rivalled by anyone else.

If you wish to discuss how Parkes Tutoring may be able to support you, contact Adam at or Telephone: 07949561995. 

Remember, if you want any of the following;

Subject Tutoring

Emotional Support

Behavioural Support

Mental Health Support

SEN Support

Advice or Advocacy

Don't ever sell yourself short. You need someone at the very top of their field, with a knowledge base and experience that is unequalled.

Parkes Education: Education, Inspiration, Inclusion.