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Managing Challenging Behaviour

Whole staff training on managing behaviour within the classroom. Focusing on the most common examples of challenging behaviour that you face, this training will target the very specific requirements of your school. Mainstream or Special School, Primary or Secondary, NQT or career veteran, this extremely engaging, 'warts and all' programme will empower all staff and provide a much greater insight into the reasons behind the behaviour and strategies for its management in the future. 


Promoting and Maintaining Positive Mental Health of Staff

The facts are clear: the mental health of school staff is having a huge impact on absence, levels of service but, more importantly, on them as individuals. Good people are leaving the profession they love because they no longer feel able to manage the ever-changing demands of modern day schooling. This has to change! This training programme, through sharing my own very personal experiences of 20 years in education, will tackle the burning issues of staff mental health and support you in the creation of a mutually supportive staffroom and school.


Taking Off The Mask

Listen to me tell you my story! Following on from my successful blog, Taking Off The Mask: Depression and Me, this is unashamedly more of a stage show than a programme. Outwardly successful in an education setting but inwardly crumbling, let me take you on my journey that will resonate with so many I am sure. You will laugh, you may cry but, one thing you will not be, is disengaged. I tell it as it is; warn of the pitfalls, give greater awareness and, most importantly of all, empower those that may be struggling to admit, seek out and accept support.